Monday, 10 November 2014

Preparing for the trilateral meeting in March 2014 2nd Lyceum of Pylaia Greece

In November, we started preparing ourselves for the trilateral meeting that was going to be held in Germany in March, where the groups would work together and create a calendar including each partner’s main national celebrations.

Each student was given a month and he/she had to find information and photographs about it and prepare a project/document. Four of our students had the role of the journalist and they were members of the press group, together with the German students. They recorded everything that was going on and took photographs. Then they exchanged their findings with their German partners and got familiar with each other’s culture.

Our team held meetings where they discussed and presented their work. They were very happy and excited as they got to make friendships with their partners and couldn’t wait to meet each other again in Garbsen.

We had also prepared a role playing and a song about one of our Greek  customs, “Chelidonismata”. Our students learned by heart their part and rehearsed many times to improve their play.
We also got the Spanish team’s song “Welcome home, to Europe”, watched the video and learned the lyrics. The Spanish teachers were very glad to give us any help we needed.

Everything had been taken care of and our luggage filled with anticipation and excitement! Our destination: Garbsen Germany.

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