Friday, 28 November 2014

Bilateral Meeting Getxo - Garbsen

At 16:55 the German students arrived at Bilbaos airport. All of us were very excited to meet our partners. After seeing the host family we went to the houses of our Families. At 7 oclock we met in Las Arenas and went to a restaurant which is called WOK. Then, we walked on the Las Arenas beach.
On Sunday every German spent time with his or her own host family. Some students went sailing or to see some parts of Getxo like the old port and the new one or the beach of Ereaga.

On Monday we played some games to learn each others' names. Then, we did a rally in Getxo (The Treasure Hunt). We visited the Town Hall, where a representative gave us some information about Getxo. And we also saw the Suspension Bridge in Las Arenas. In the afternoon some of us went shopping. We had a lot of fun because everyone loves shopping. After that, we went home.

At noon we visited the Palace of Diputación in Bilbao. We also did some shopping. Then, we went to the Guggenheim Museum and deepened into modern art work. We saw some pictures of world famous artists (Kandinsky, Picasso, Warhol). After that. some of us went to see the old city.
On Wednesday we went to Gernika to the Assembly House. They showed us a video about the History of the Basque Country, Gernika and theTree of Gernika. After that, we took some pictures of the old and new tree. Then, we went to the Peace Museum. All of us visited the museum with a guide. It was very interesting because we learnt how life was at that time, during the last Spanish Civil War. The guide explained it very well. Later, we went to Mundaka, where we had lunch . Finally, we visited Bermeo, we had fun and took some pictures. At 5 PM We took the bus and went back to Getxo.

On Thursday we prepared the Presentations about the similarities and differences between the German and the Spanish culture. At break we played some traditional Basque Games (Herri Kirolak). Then, in the National Evening, we brought some food such as cakes  sandwiches, omelettes , etc. In the assembly hall, the winners of the Treasure Hunt and the Quiz were given some prizes. After that, we got dinner and danced a lot in the gym,  which was decorated like a disco. Itziar and Ignacio guided the night dance.

After clearing up the gym, we went around Algorta and then we went back home.

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