Tuesday, 11 November 2014

First Comenius meetings in Thessaloniki, Greece

Hello, Kalimera from Greece!

In October 2014 our Comenius team got ready. 15 students participate in the 2nd year of the project about our identity and 4 teachers.

 Our students sent their profiles to our partner school in Budapest and after the matching they started communicating with their new friends. They interviewed a number of people of two different generations and they prepared their summaries. They watched the movie "My big fat greek wedding" and took notes about features of our identity. That was fun!

10 days are left and on the 22nd of November we will be flying to Hungary. We can't wait to meet our colleagues and students. The school and the town looks so perfect in the photographs.

Finally, we took a picture during our last field trip in front of the White Tower, the most famous landmark of Thessaloniki, to share it with you.
 Keep up the good work!

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