Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Comenius Trilateral Meeting in Garbsen - First Day

The First Day of the Trilateral Meeting in Garbsen has been exciting and amazing in many aspects.
At 8:30 a.m.the Headmaster of Geschwister Scholl-Gymnasium, Garbsen welcomed the students from the four different countries: France, Germany, Norway and Spain-The Basque Country at the cafeteria of the school.
At 09:00 the activities for the day started.  Over 100 students went to different rooms with international teachers in multinational teams, according to the activity they had previously chosen. They started with different enjoyable ice-breakings. After that, they answered the Quiz on European Landmarks.

Workshop I started the activities: National Evening, Press group, Photo story, Art, Comic group, Drama/Music group, European game and Euroean Youth Meeting. They were working for over three hours.
At one o'clock p.m.they went by S-Bahn to the city center of Hannover. They had some free time and lunch and made the field trip. They had a rally through Hannover in small groups. They started in the Opera House and the point after the rally was the entrance of Marktkirche (4:30 a.m.)
They had a free time evening.

On the other hand, all the Comenius teachers from the four countries attended an amazing profesional performance of the musical "Rent" directed by the teachers and performed by the students of the School GSG Berenbostel. Amazing, unique, fabulous are some of the adjetives to express the high level of performance. Congratulations!!!

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