Monday, 2 March 2015

A Greek student's diary from Boudapest

A rather unexpected experience (Saturday)
The Comenius team arrived at the airport on time, checked in and waited with anticipation for their flight. Unfortunately, there had been some technical problems with aircraft and we were delayed for two hours and this was a terrible experience. The good part is that we ate some free sandwiches. At 15.20 our plane took off. When we reached our destination we were so nervous but our Hungarian friends embraced us warmly and made us feel relaxed. After the first meeting with the family, we went out all together to have a first impression of the town. At 11 o’clock we returned home exhausted from a day full of happiness and surprises.

Meeting the Hungarian culture (Sunday)

Well, this day was full of tours. First, we visited the amazing Heroes’ square.  It is such and impressive monument and the people which was built for totally worth it.  The Hungarian students helped us to learn more about the monument and generally for the Hungarian culture. Right after that we headed for the Houses of Parliament. This building has a beautiful and rich architecture. We saw the enormous room, where conferences are taking place and we were all taken away by the gold of this building. We continued with taking a quiz outside Buda castle in order to discover the place around it. Finally, we got home, ate lunch and went out.


We arrived at school early in the morning (8.15) and after taking another quiz about the origins of the school we visited English and chemistry lessons. The second one was rather impressive as the teacher made some experiments for us. Then we played an introductory game in which we got to know each other better. We continued by having lunch and working on our project. Finally we enjoyed ourselves at the Hungarian night.


Tuesday was full of interesting things to do. Firstly, we worked on our workshop and then we departed for the Greek village Belloiannis. There we took some interviews, we learnt about its history and the Hungarian students had the chance to visit an othodox church. The highlight of the day was the visit in Aquaworld where we had the time of our lifes.


At 8.15 we visited Deak square in order to do some sightseeing. After that we visited the marvelous palace of Arts.. Then we returned to school and kept working. The day ended with a night out.

The day started with the final steps in our workshop. After that we visited the picturesque village Szentedre where we had the opportunity to taste marzipan. Lastly, we enjoyed a folk dance show and we got the chance to dance with our parteners.

The first thing we did in the morning was to present out workshops to the English students. Next we had some sports program in which the girls played volleyball and the boys played football. Then we had some free time to do our shopping for souvenirs and gifts for our families. After this we met again all together and we took a boat trip in Dounabis,which was a fantastic experience.
We finished our day with a moving farewell party,as we knew our time together would be over in the next day.

Nothing good lasts forever. We packed our suitcases and at 7 o’clock we arrived at the airport. We said goodbye in tears and we took our memories back in Greece.

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