Thursday, 29 May 2014

News from the Trilateral Meeting in Getxo, by Dóra Bakos and Emese Szakály

On the 22nd of March in 2014 we were on our way in the hope of meeting our exchange partners. Arriving at La Paloma Airport in Bilbao, everyone hugged their partners and started recollecting memories of the previous visit. What is more, we got the chance again to get to know another culture because, as required by the rules of the Comenius Project, we had to spend this week with Polish students, too.
During this week, our main task was to create two calendars (an online Timeline, and a paper one), in which all of the Spanish, Polish and Hungarian feasts are included with short summaries. Generally in the mornings we worked on our projects (calendars, presentations, role-play, drama play, debate, reports, sports, competitions). Our afternoons were usually free, but of course we spent it together at various places, some of us even went surfing or laser fighting.
We also went sightseeing in the Basque capital, where we visited the famous Guggenheim Museum. We also went on day trips to Guernica, the town which was destroyed in the Spanish civil war; to the surfing paradise, Mundaka; and to a port called Bermeo, known for its fishing industry. In the National Evening, we had the opportunity to experience a real Spanish atmosphere; beginning with the collective singing, dancing, to delicious national dishes.
On the 29th of March full of experiences we got on our plane waving goodbye to our true international friends. 
In the hope of seeing each other later, we locked these incredibly wonderful two weeks and our friendship in our heart.

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