Friday, 21 March 2014

Trilateral Meeting in The Basque Country (Spain) and Germany

Next week, students and teachers from our eight countries are holding the
Trilateral Meeting of the European Project "Comenius" 
(24th -28th March
to carry out the project entitled  
                                                     "Our Identity: National and European? 
                             -A Research of National and European Landmarks."

Hosts and guests will have the chance to visit the most emblematic places in Getxo (Spain) and Garbsen (Germany).

At the same time, They will be working in the project at the schools in multi-national teams and they will also have the opportunity to know the hosts' schools, their way of teaching and style of  life, as they will be living with the hosts' families.

In the following video we can see the students from Getxo  presenting their last version of their Comenius song  -Welcome home, to Europe- especially composed to be sung by the eight countries for the ocassion.

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