Saturday, 7 December 2013

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Diary (2)
Sunday, November 17th 2013

Sunday was the best day of the whole week. My mum and I came to school early in the morning to pick up my beauty partner. I was so excited. I met my partner after having only conversation via Internet. Jacki was very excited, too. We talked all the way home.

After having breakfast, we walked to the beach. We went to Karsiyaka and then we met Öykü and Wencke. We sat in the café for a coffee. We went home together and slept after having a shower at 19.30. 

I don’t want her to go back to Germany . All the time they are saying nice words to us. I think they are pleased to meet us. Jacki wants to become a member of our family. She is my sister from now on. I hope Jacki is happy being my exchange partner. We had a very good time together and I hope to have good time… 
Germans are really excellent people for me.

- Duygu sema ince 

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