Monday, 16 December 2013

News from Budapest in the Bilateral meeting, by Dóra Bakos and Emese Szakály

Thanks to the Comenius Project we could participate in a Spanish student exchange program. Its first round started on the 22ndof November in 2013, when the Spanish group arrived at Liszt Ferenc Airport. We took them home, had dinner, and then we did something with our family, such as walking on the bank of the Danube in the lights or going to the circus.

On Saturday in the morning we went bowling together and afterwards we walked in the city to see our unique sights. We stopped at each attraction, where one of the Hungarian students shared with the rest of us some information about it. After crossing the Danube on the Chain Bridge, we visited the Castle District.

On Monday we spent our day at the school. We prepared a worksheet with questions about our secondary school and showed a video about Budapest. Subsequently the Spanish students visited an English or a Spanish lesson, and we saw some spectacular experiments in the Chemistry laboratory. For dinner we had goulash soup. During the evening a folk dance group joined us and taught us some easier steps. For dinner every Hungarian student brought some kind of salad or cake. Besides this we prepared for the evening with some games and taught them a Hungarian folk song, called ‘Márminálunkbabám’. At the end of the evening we had some more time to dance, as well.

On Tuesday we visited the city of Eger, where we saw the castle, the camera obscura and the Dobó square, too. It was a long day; we arrived at the school only late in the evening.

On Wednesday we met in front of the Opera, from where we walked to Heroes’ Square. Íon the way there we saw the Zoo and Vajdahunyad Castle. Having arrived at the school, the boys went to play football and the girls played volleyball. Afterwards we went upstairs to work on our projects.

On Thursday in the morning we visited the House of Terror to see a historical series of exhibitions. It was really shocking for all of us. Subsequently we went to the school to give presentations to some English groups about Basque and Hungarian festivals. During the night we went to the Aquaworld to everybody’s satisfaction.

On Friday we started at the Parliament, where a tour guide talked about the building and its history. At the school we showed the rest of the presentations to our schoolmates. In the afternoon we went to the city to buy some souvenirs. In the evening there was a farewell party with games, music, and dancing.

On Saturday we gave a lift to our exchange partners and saw them off.

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