Saturday, 23 November 2013

Bilateral Meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece

Our Comenius week started on Sunday with an excursion to Vergina and Litochoro.

The first is home to a museum which contains the tomb of King Philipp, Macedonian king and father of Alexander the Great. He died in 336 B.C.
We were lead by a tour guide who showed us many of the precious artefacts which were found when the tomb was discovered in 1977.

The latter, Litochoro, is the closest village to the Olympus mountain range. After a short walk towards the peak we all had a fantastic meal in a local tavern.

On Monday morning, we started to work on the project. The cooperation between the students was good, as you can see in the pictures.
Later that day, the German students were given the opportunity to visit an English lesson at the host school. They were warmly welcomed by the non-Comenius students in the class.

Project work commenced on Tuesday. On that day, the students received caps and rucksacks from the local Goethe Institut.
They were so excited about it that they posed for yet another group picture, ;-)

After the last project work session on Wednesday morning, we embarked on a bus tour through the city of Thessaloniki.

The starting point was the so-called White Tower, which is now grey. Having completed the tour, we walked along the inner-city seashore towards one of the many beautiful Byzantine churches.

The presentation of the national holidays was scheduled for Thursday morning.  The students presented the results of their bilateral group work. The presentations included many interesting facts which helped to understand each other's culture and heritage.

Bilateral Meeting in Thessaloniki

Still to come: the highlight of the week, the National Evening.

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