Friday, 22 November 2013


 At 8:30 on Monday morning we came to school and started the Comenius Project after a warm greeting from the Headmaster. 
First, to get to know each other, we did a presentation of Polish 
and Spanish people using games or matching unknown people from 
our two countries.
         After that, we divided into groups to work, designing our posters and creating powerpoints. The local TV came to interview us.
         In the afternoon, we went to McDonald´s and finally we went to the ``AQQ club´´ to dance and finish a beautiful day. 

OnTuesday the first thing we did in the morning was a treasure hunt. We looked for ten things all over Wrzesnia, our town, to win the competition.
We worked on the project, and all the groups finished with the powerpoints, the posters and the documents to give the presentation. After that a local newspaper come to interview some of us. In the evening when we left school, we all went bowling for a hour, then we went to have dinner to a restaurant where we ate hamburgers and pizza.

On Wednesday  we had a trip. At first we visited a Factory of Christmas balls in Gniezno. There each of us got a christmas ball with our names. After that we went to visit Toruń. Later we went to a restaurant and had pancakes. Then we went to a special museum where we baked and dekorated gingerbreads. Finally we could buy some souvenirs and then we came back to WrześniaExcept of bad weather everybody were in good mood.
On Thursday morning we finished the presentations and then we showed them in front of the rest of the Comenius participants. 
     After lunch we started to work in new groups writing a report for our website, making a photo show, creating a presentation about the Comenius Project, preparing an evalution  form and writing a blog. 
     In the evening we took part in the National Evening prepared mainly by Polish students. We tasted some traditional Polish food made by parents, tried to say some Polish tongue twisters, watched a photo show and had good fun together.

     On Friday morning we finished our work. Then we went to the domatory to listen to our headmaster´s goodbye. Also the Spanish people got some gifts from the major of our province. It was a great suprise for them and an opportunity to take the last photo of our group in Poland. 
     All of us enjoyed the stay in Poland so now we are looking forward to our meeting in Spain.

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