Friday, 15 May 2015

Greek-Turkish bilateral meetings

The Greek Comenius team wishes to come in contact with as many partners as possible as our national agency encourages to do so. We proposed to our Spanish, Polish and Turkish colleagues to organise extra bilateral meetings in order to exchange our experiences about the Comenius programme and also exchange our ideas and techniques in teaching and compare our educational systems. We would like to thank both the Spanish and the Polish partners for trying to find ways to realise these meetings. A number of problems though occured like examinations, holiday breaks and there was no time left. Fortunately, Turkey was positive to our request and we successfully organised two meetings, one in Izmir and another one in Thessaloniki. We are very glad to show you the outcome and we hope we will have the chance to work with the rest of you in the future.

1st Meeting in Izmir 26 March-2 April

We reached Izmir on Thursday 26 March, late in the afternoon. We visited the Turkish school three times and we were warmly welcomed by our colleagues with a poster with Turkish-Greek-English phrases. They had prepared many presentations for us about their Comenius products, traditional costumes, their educational system and their school. They had also cooked traditional dishes and they exhibited the custom of the henna night, the night before the wedding at the bride's house. A student played the saz for us and we were also invited to plant friendship trees in the schoolyard. The headmaster was very kind to take us out for dinner and we exchanged souvenirs and gifts. Last but not least, the art teacher gave us a marbling lesson and we all left Turkey with our little masterpieces in our luggage, but most important of all, we left knowing we have made new friends.

1st Meeting Photos

2nd Meeting in Thessaloniki 24 -28 April

A few days later, we were very glad to meet our Turkish colleagues again. They had the chance to visit our school and watch the presentations we had prepared for them about the Comenius Project, our Educational system, Greek traditional dishes and drinks, traditional dances and costumes and have discussions on educational issues. They tasted many Greek specialities at school and we also had a night out for dinner and many teachers joined us in a taverna. Our students played and sang a number of songs and danced for them. Finally, we compared the features that make us feel Greek, Turkish or European citizens and found many common values we share, we exchanged teaching techniques and we promised to meet again. It was an unforgettable experience and we thank them for their correspodence.


Presentation of the Greek Educational System

Presentation with Greek traditional food

Presentation of Greek traditional dances and costumes

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