Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Greetings from Getxo

On the 23rd of March,  the Hungarian and Polish students arrived in Bilbao. We were very excited to see each other again. The Hungarians and their Spanish partners went to a restaurant and ate a special Spanish meal, which was delicious.
That day was a family day. All of us did different things with our partners and explored Getxo.  For example, some of us went to the beach, others went bowling and went shopping.


On the first day at school we had warming -up activities in order to get to know one another. Then we went on the treasure hunt.  We had a short tour in the city. We visited the town hall and walked by the seaside to see the mansions, beaches, and the suspension bridge. We took the underground and had the first workshop at school. In the afternoon a part of our group went surfing and the others went shopping.


In the morning we worked on the project. Then, we travelled to Bilbao by metro. We visited some famous sites there, like the Diputación and the Guggenheim Museum.  Later on, we had an amazing time playing laser tag.


First, we had a workshop at school. We also saw a presentation about the Basque Culture.  Then, we travelled to Gernika, which is the most famous historical village in the Basque Country. We visited the Peace Museum, and did some sightseeing.  We went to a village, called Mundaka, where we had lunch.  After that, we also visited Bermeo, a beautiful fishing village.

During the first two hours we finished our project and started working on other interesting tasks. The Spanish students organised typical Basque activities for us. We had the chance to try different enjoyable sport activities, such as “Sokatira”, “Txingak” and “Lokotxak”. We also practised folk dances as well.

In the morning we had the last workshop to finish the project and prepare the presentation of the project. At midday all the students presented the different tasks they had prepared, such as the digital calendar, the reports, the debates, role plays, drama, etc.
In the evening we celebrated the National Evening. Each country presented a video or PowerPoint about their culture and school in the Salón de Actors. The students played a trivia quiz about Europe. The Spanish students performed a song about the Comenius program, and after we celebrated with traditional Spanish foods prepared by the families in the school canteen. Some students played Basque instruments (trikitixa and pandero). After dinner, the students went to the decorated gym to sing and dance together. The evening finished watching the slideshow that the students had prepared about the whole week. It was a perfect night to finish the trilateral meeting.

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